If I notice foundation damage, can I get a free estimate on repairs? 
A reputable company should be glad to visit and inspect the apparent damage without charge. Be
prepared to allow a more extensive inspection in areas where damage may be less apparent.
Can I do something to prevent damage from occurring in the first place?
Most definitely. Please see the preventative maintenance section.
What should one look for in a foundation repair contractor?
This is a fairly complex question
1. Look for a lifetime warranty that is valid for the life of the home. 
2. Look for a good track record.
3. Look for longevity. Has the contractor been in business very long? Do they have a physical address or just a PO box?
4.  Ask the contractor for a list of previous customers and give them a call.
How long do repairs typically take?
The repair process can take as few as 2-3 days, but be ready for longer durations if damage is extensive.
How much is it going to cost?
There is no way to tell until the damage has been inspected in person.  The costs vary depending on the location and extent of damage, and type of home.
Once my foundation is fixed, will it stay fixed?
Unusual geological, weather, or man-made forces can always negatively impact your foundation, however if you have a lifetime warranty on the job from a reliable contractor, your worries are minimal.

Signs of Problems (self diagnosis)

Exterior Cracking
Cracking in the brickwork (or other masonry), especially in the mortar, is a sure sign of foundation problems. The foundation itself may be cracked or sinking. In any case, the foundation is no longer supporting the exterior masonry which tends to settle over the weak foundation area.

Cracking may be less evident on exterior surfaces such as wood frame. Here, look for bowing or gaps developing between joints.
Interior Damage
Cracking of sheetrock or other interior wall surfaces may well indicate foundation damage. Sheetrock is rigidand will react to uneven pressure by cracking or gapping at the joints. Interior tile surfaces react much the same way as brickwork, cracking along the mortar. Wooden flooring may be more flexible and not show cracking, but may seem
uneven and tilted.
Take notice if doors and/or windows begin to stick or will not
close easily. The frames may be twisted out-of-square by uneven
pressure of a shifting foundation.
Watch the Soil!
If soil seems to be pulling away from the foundation, the foundation may be shifting or settling into a new and potentially damaging position. Periodically inspect where soil meets the foundation
while gardening or performing routine house maintenance.

Preventative Maintenance

Have Fresh Water and Sewer Lines Tested
One major cause of foundation damage is excessive moisture from broken or leaking water/sewer lines. Water saturated soil will not support most foundations indefinitely unless the foundation is secured to the bedrock.Have a plumber do a static test on your lines every five years.

Much water damage goes unnoticed becausethe moist soil may be out of sight. Don’t wait for problems to develop!
Begin a Scheduled Water Program
Though too much water is dangerous, so is too little, especially in dry regions of the country. Moisten soil around the foundation during dry times with a soaker hose or sprinkler system. Do
this when you are watering the lawn or if you notice soil pulling
away from the foundation.
Install Positive Drainage
Over saturation can occur from ordinary rainwater if excess water is not channeled away from all sides of your home.Installation of devices such as debris-resistant gutters and French drains will go a long way towards protecting your biggest investment...your home.
Possible Future Problems Resulting from Delaying Repair
Irreversible Damage
Even with warning signs evident, it’s perfectly natural to put off foundation repair and hope the problems go away. They won’t.Left unattended, minor fixable problems almost always get worse leading to irreversibly damaged slabs or beams. This kind of major damage can also be repaired, but at a much higher cost.
High Repair Costs
Not only does a broken slab or beam incur high repair costs, but so does the accompanying cosmetic work. Often, your house will have
suffered extensive exterior and interior injury as a result of a damaged foundation. This only adds to he cost of restoring your home to its old self.
Lower Resale Value
If you intend to sell your home someday, the price will be substantially less with a damaged foundation. Some buyers actually look for damaged foundations in order to secure a lower selling price.Even after full foundation and cosmetic restoration, it might be difficult to convince a buyer that the foundation is truly fixed without a lifetime guarantee from a reputable contractor.


When choosing a foundation repair company we recommend contacting the BBB for a list of companies they support. It is important to check references and even go by the office to meet with staff before you enter into a contract. Use caution when considering companies that offer a multitude of services. If possible choose a company that specializes in foundation repair to ensure that your foundation concerns are the companies’ number one priority.
Putting Down a Deposit
Deposits are important in your decision for selecting a company to do your foundation repair.  If a company is asking for more than 10% down, DON’T DO IT.  Always make sure the deposit is refundable.  At AAA Guardian Foundation Repair we take deposits to ensure that we filling our schedule with customers that are serious about having the foundation repaired.  We use the deposit to hold you spot on our work schedule.  However, we understand that life still happens. If you are unable to have the work done for any reason we will gladly refund your deposit.
Warranties are the most important part of selecting a foundation repair company. There is always a possibility of future movement because of the clay soil and large variances in moisture here in North Texas.  If this happens you want to know that the company that you selected will be available to show up promptly and take care of any issues that you may have. At AAA Guardian Foundation Repair we provide you with a list of people you can all and ask about the quality of the work that was done.  Some of the references have had no issues, some have had warranty work done and others have had problems.  The reason we include all is so you can see our integrity in taking care of our customers. Anybody can be a good contractor when nothing goes wrong.  It takes a company with true integrity to be a great contractor even when things are not always right.
Choosing a Company Whose Only Focus is Foundation Repair
At AAA Guardian Foundation Repair we only do foundation repair!  Our goal is to stabilize your most valuable possession.  We are not going to promote sales for windows, doors or anything else.  We take pride in what we do, FOUNDATION REPAIR. We have been providing only one service from the moment we opened our doors.  The people that work here do foundation repair day in and day out so you can reassure that your foundation issues are our number one priority.
Keeping it Local
It is important to choose a foundation repair company that is local. Without a local office you will have to depend entirely on telephone communication.  We have seen on many occasions that customers have a difficult time getting in contact with companies from out of town that they chose to do business with.  AAA Guardian Foundation Repair is located just up the street at 5005 Old Jacksboro Hwy here in Wichita Falls.  You are welcome to come by the office and sit down with the owner and discuss any questions you might have. The coffee is always on so feel free to come introduce yourself to the real backbone of the company, which is the wonderful women we have in the office.
Our Company
All the work we do, the piers we put in, the polyurethane foam injections, is owned and warrantied by AAA Guardian Foundation Repair. If you are ever asked to write a check to a third party company they do not own the products that they are selling. Therefore, the company you are doing business with does not control the warranties for the products that are being purchased.  At AAA Guardian Foundation Repair you will never be asked to write a check to a third party because we own the product and services that we sell. We are assuming responsibility for our work and are committed to maintaining your continued satisfaction.  It is extremely important to have as much information as possible when choosing a foundation repair company, so do not hesitate to contact us at the office with any questions you may have.

What to Look for in a Contractor

Lengthy Track Record
Look for longevity in business through references, customer testimonials, their web site, and the Better Business Bureau.It must be said that there are some unscrupulous foundation repair contractors that do substandard work; collect your money; then change their name and/or location to avoid litigation. Unfortunate, but true.Confirm a real address, not a PO box. Also, size matters. A contractor should be large enough to employ a real person to answer the phone.
Clean Record with the BBB
Check for length of membership and complaints. No company can be in business for a long time without some complaints, but compare the number of complaints with the total number of customers served.


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